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Allied Arts of Seattle Allied Arts On The Waterfront - Allied Arts of Seattle

Allied Arts On The Waterfront

Allied Arts On The Waterfront

Allied Arts has a history of arts and urban design advocacy that spans 60 years. Our accomplishments helped preserve Pioneer Square, save Pike Place Market and allocate public money to civic arts projects. This advocacy has been present on the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project since the Nisqually Earthquake in 2001. Through vocal leadership and grassroots mobility, Allied Arts was integral to shifting the civic dialogue from “how should we replace this freeway?” to “how will we repair and improve the urban fabric when we remove the freeway from the waterfront?” thereby fostering a more livable and walkable downtown and reconnecting our center city to our natural place as a port city.

The Seattle waterfront has a long tradition of making bold changes to meet the needs of Washingtonians. Just as we poured Denny Hill onto our shoreline and constructed a viaduct along the waterfront last century, we and other stakeholders chose not to miss the opportunity to make the waterfront a legacy that will bring pride to Seattleites and Washingtonians of the future.

Allied Arts challenged conventional wisdom years ago to save Pike Place Market—we need them again today to lead Seattle by advocating for a great waterfront. — Richard Conlin, Former Seattle City Councilmember



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