Allied Arts Turns 60

Allied Arts celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2014

Allied Arts Turns 60

Allied Arts celebrates its 60th Anniversary in 2014 and is best known for its history of creating great urban architecture and civic spaces as well as to help form the Seattle Arts Commission. Since 1954, we’ve collaborated with an array of civic leaders and organizations to help maintain and improve Seattle’s Quality of Urban Life. Allied Arts works closely with professional architects, engineers, business organizations, environmental groups and community leaders. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming 60th Anniversary Event,  Visit the Allied Arts Timeline – 60 Years of Civic Memories – in the About Section of the site to read more about the history of the organization.  A few teasers from the 1970’s below:

  • Fosters the creation of the Seattle Arts Commission
  • Spearheads legislation to create one of the country’s first Percent for Art ordinance.
  • Instigates Friends of the (Pike Place) Market to lead the fight to save our signature landmark from being lost forever
  • Initiates legislation to rescue Pioneer Square and stimulate its dramatic rebirth
  • Assists in establishing the Landmarks Preservation Board to protect our city’s architectural heritage
  • Sponsors a “Survival Series” to showcase smaller Arts organizations, which provides invaluable exposure to many fledgling arts groups, including the newly founded Intiman Theatre, Northwest Chamber Orchestra and Empty Space Theatre

For over 50 years Allied Arts has been a voice for the quality of life in Seattle. That’s a voice we’ll need even more in the next 50 years -Greg Nickels, Former Mayor, City of Seattle


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