Pike Place Market - New WF Entrance

Pike Place Market – New WF Entrance

The Waterfront Entrance is a low-rise, mixed-use development that will provide parking for Pike Place Market and the waterfront, low-income housing for seniors, expanded social services and additional Market retail and restaurant space. The Waterfront Entrance also provides public open space and views of Elliott Bay while creating a critical new connection between Pike Place Market and the new Central Waterfront that emerges after the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

The Waterfront Entrance will be located on a .75 acre surface parking lot on Western Avenue. The location was formerly home to the Municipal Market Building, which burnt down in 1974. The site remained undeveloped for nearly 40 years due to the cost and complexities of constructing the site on top of the active Burlington Northern Santa Fe Train tunnel that is more than a century old.

The existing historic marketplace will not and cannot be significantly altered with this expansion. The only changes to the existing Market will be additional doors leading out of the Desimone Bridge (the somewhat U-shaped walkway in the heart of the crafts market) to the west, across Western Avenue and the expansion of the existing parking garage.

This expansion project poses an interesting challenge for building new construction in a historic district. Project architects have incorporated simple and utilitarian materials including heavy timber, galvanized steel and concrete, to create a familiar Market backdrop, with fresh expressions of Pacific Northwest industrial toughness to retain the character of the Market. Additional Market attributes such as public art, vibrant landscaping and a bronze piggy bank will also be part of the new site.

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