2013 Beer & Culture Event

The Promise of Urban Connectors – Pioneer Square

In March of 2013, Allied Arts held a Beer & Culture event to discuss opportunities for new connection(s) to the waterfront and other urban design possibilities resulting from, or otherwise inspired by, the Waterfront Project.

Topics Included:

  • Occidental at the Stadiums
  • Railroad Way
  • Enhancing King Street
  • Ongoing Alley Activation
  • Retail Restoration: East Side, Alaskan Way

Panel Members & Speakers

  • Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Council
  • Patrick Gordon
  • Cary Moon
  • Laura Bachman
  • Leslie Smith, Alliance For Pioneer Square

Next in the 2013 series – Belltown and Pike Place Market/West Edge areas.

Allied Arts Beer and Culture Nights

Allied Arts was founded in 1954 under the name of “The Beer and Culture Society.” Sixty years later, we still like that name so we’re honoring it with our “Beer and Culture Nights.”

By convening groups of smart, energetic and public-spirited folks in an informal setting and by providing snack food, beer and a hot topic, we hope to inspire free-ranging and uninhibited discussion that will be enormously fun and can lead to civic action.

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