Allied Arts City Council Candidate Endorsements

Allied Arts City Council Candidate Endorsements

Allied Arts’ City Council Candidate Endorsements – Allied Arts has a long history of holding candidate forums and interviews to help inform the public debate about which candidates align with Allied Arts’ mission of fostering a Seattle with great public places and a vibrant arts community for all.

Allied Arts held post primary candidate interviews to help us determine how each City Council candidate would support Allied Arts’ Mission and our Grow Gracefully Vision, which is centered on the core belief that growth should make Seattle more livable for everyone and make Seattle a city we love even more, not less.

We interviewed 13 City Council candidates to discuss their views and priorities for the city and their positions on the 5 key components of Grow Gracefully:

  • A ) Affordability, particularly for artists to live and work
  • B) Support of small, local businesses which help define our communities
  • C) Preserving the character of our neighborhoods, so Seattle can grow while maintaining what’s special about each community
  • D) Great design so that new buildings enhance our neighborhoods and are embraced by the community
  • E) Excellent infrastructure which meets the needs of a growing Seattle AND enhances the sense of place in our communities

Candidates were scored on 2 criteria
– Alignment with the Allied Arts Mission and Grow Gracefully Vision
– Effectiveness as a City Councilmember

Allied Arts’ 2019 Seattle City Council Candidate Endorsements

We want to thank each of the 13 candidates for participating in our interview process and all 14 candidates for participating in the democratic process by running for public office. We will post a summary statement regarding each candidate endorsement shortly.


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