Seattle Parks Funding

2014 Endorsements

Allied Arts held a Beer & Culture event in May 2014 entitled The Future of Seattle Parks, to discuss the Future of Seattle Parks, specifically regarding Parks funding. The Parks Legacy Citizens’ Advisory Committee was formed to review funding mechanisms and to ultimately submit recommendations which they forwarded to the Mayor and City Council in March 2014.  The PLCAC looked at different funding options, including the potential use of a metropolitan parks district or property tax levy. The Committee also examined how to allocate these funds and sought a balance among keeping facilities open, maintenance, and acquisition of new land and development of new facilities.

Mayor Murray subsequently submitted his funding package to City Council who later passed and the Mayor signed an ordinance placing a Seattle Park District on the August ballot.

Allied Arts has a long history of advocating for sustainable funding sources for Seattle Parks and the Board recently voted to:

Allied Arts Endorsed Proposition 1 to establish a Seattle Park District.

More information:

City Council’s Select Committee on Parks Funding page online.

Parks for All Campaign






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