Beer & Culture: Lessons from the Showbox Theatre

Beer & Culture: Lessons from the Showbox Theatre

Join Allied Arts at our upcoming Beer & Culture: Lessons from the Showbox Theatre,  How to proactively protect the places we love.

The Showbox Theatre, one of Seattle’s legendary, iconic character structures, is under threat of demolition. Allied Arts helped save Pike Place Market when it was under threat of demolition.  We support extending the boundaries of the Pike Place Market to include the Showbox, but how can be proactive and prevent the threat of demolition to the many other places in Seattle we love?

Hear how we got here regarding the threat to the Showbox and how to prevent the places we love from becoming the next “Showbox Selloff”.

Allied Arts’ Grow Gracefully Vision offers 5 Goals to preserve the places we love in Seattle while encouraging growth that benefits everyone. One of the vision goals and key focus for this event, is Preserving Iconic Character Structures/Districts

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Grow Gracefully Fundamentals: The current dialogue about growth in Seattle has become entrenched, combative, and unproductive.  The question is not if we grow, but how we grow.​ Allied Arts fundamentally believes growth should be for the benefit of all and make Seattle a place we love in the future even more than we do today.

93 PIKE ST, #307 (Upstairs at Pike Place Market) | RSVP:
Light Refreshments, $10.00 Suggested Donation, Free to Low Income

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Allied Arts has a long history of standing up to protect and preserve those elements of Seattle we feel are essential to the soul of this City. Founded in 1954, Allied Arts is best known as the organization that helped preserve Pike Place Market, landmark Pioneer Square and led the campaign to redevelop the Central Waterfront to create a vision for Seattle’s next great civic space, A Waterfront for All.

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