Grow Gracefully Salon Event

How development can make Seattle more vibrant - not just more dense...

Grow Gracefully Salon Event

Join us for our upcoming Grow Gracefully Salon Event – July 30. How can we leverage Seattle’s new wealth and growth to make our city affordable and a place we all love? Growth doesn’t have to be generic, bland and boring. Seattle deserves thoughtful, sensitive growth which enhances our communities…Growth we can embrace!

Help Allied Arts Develop Our ‘Grow Gracefully Manifesto’ For Seattle
Join us for an open discussion / brainstorm session on how development can make Seattle more vibrant and not just more dense. Bring your ideas on what you love about Seattle, examples of positive and negative changes and your thoughts on how to guide growth gracefully.

This Salon builds on our June Beer & Culture event “Is Seattle Becoming More Livable But Less Lovable” where panelists Knute Berger, Mark Hinshaw, Lyle Bicknell and Michael Luis discussed what makes a place lovable, the value of residents having emotional connections to a place and what we can do to grow gracefully. These ideas and yours will further leverage our Grow Gracefully Manifesto for Seattle.  View the recent Crosscut article on growth and livability by Knute Berger (with a shout out to Allied Arts), Seattle Growth: A true public voice is missing

Through our Grow Gracefully Campaign Series, we aim to inspire the current burst of wealth, growth and creativity to enhance the vibrancy and uniqueness of Seattle – finding middle ground where we can grow to accommodate our children and newcomers by building a City which delights,engages and welcomes all.

Grow Gracefully Salon – July 30, 6 PM

LOCATION CHANGE: Grand Central Building Arcade, 216 First Ave S., Pioneer Square

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