Mayoral Candidate Endorsement

Mayoral Candidate Endorsement

Mayoral Candidate Endorsement

Mayoral Candidate Endorsement: Both Durkan/Moon

Allied Arts has a long history of holding Candidate Forums which may ultimately lead to an Endorsement in political races which impact our organization.

In July, Allied Arts held a Mayoral Candidate Primary Forum which helped inform us about how each Mayoral Candidate would address critical livability issues such as historic preservation,  great urban design, support of the arts and artist live/work housing. The Grow Gracefully Vision is centered upon the core belief that growth should make Seattle more livable, a city we love even more, not less.

Post primary, we invited Mayoral Candidates Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan to share more details about their views and priorities for the city and their positions on key issues concerning Allied Arts. Topics ranged from affordable housing, fostering the arts and arts education, maintaining the character of our neighborhoods and our city, preserving small businesses, the design review program, providing sufficient infrastructure to accommodate all of our growth to why each candidate chose to run for Mayor.

Candidate scoring was based upon 3 criteria
– Alignment with the Allied Arts Mission
– Effectiveness as an Executive
– Viability as a Candidate

Our Endorsement Committee worked hard to discover similarities and distinctions between the candidates throughout several lengthy and passionate discussions, culminating in a Board of Directors vote. A rigorous dialogue occurred to endorse an individual candidate.

Cary Moon has a strong track record as an activist in Seattle, working on urban planning issues, fighting for the rights of individuals, standing up for what she believes and protecting a vision of Seattle which is inclusive, welcoming and supportive. Moon aims to fix things she sees as broken in our City Government while working within the structures currently in place, and not against.

Jenny Durkan has spent most her career working as an attorney in Seattle, at the highest levels and has fought for the rights of individuals and for the rights of the people of the State of Washington. Durkan aims to provide straight forward solutions to the problems currently facing Seattle which involve neighborhoods taking a bigger role in working on those issues with the City.

At the conclusion of our process, both candidates were determined to be well qualified and viable, have the ability to be effective in the role of Mayor, and conveyed visions which Allied Arts feels will help leverage our Grow Gracefully efforts and overall Mission.

Allied Arts Endorses Both Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan for Mayor


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