Seattle - More Livable But Less Lovable?

June 25th Event

Seattle – More Livable But Less Lovable?

Seattle More Livable But Less Lovable?  Seattle is doing a good job to create a more livable city. Most new homes, jobs and stores are focused into areas so it’s easier to walk, ride a bike or take transit. All good for efficiency, physical health and the environment. Yet how does the current new development look and feel? Does the look and feel of new buildings add interest and pride to our neighborhoods? Does the design of these new places and spaces engage people and create an emotional connection with us? In other words, is Seattle becoming less lovable?

Join us for our June 25th Beer & Culture Event as we discuss this topic.

Location: Historic Panama Hotel – A National Treasure, 605 1/2 S Main Street – Japantown

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Guest Speakers Include:

Knute Berger, Crosscut Columnist, Author

Mark Hinshaw, Principal Walker/Macy

Lyle Bicknell, Seattle Department of Planning & Development

Michael Luis, The Center for Wooden Boats

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Is Seattle Becoming More Livable but Less Lovable?

First in the series of our Growing Gracefully Campaign, we will talk about how to ensure Seattle’s current and future growth will also boost our city’s lovable quotient.

Topics include:

  • How important is it for people to have an emotional connection to their City?
  • What elements of development foster engagement and personal investment our communities?
  • Is Seattle becoming more or less lovable? Why?
  • In the past, new development added charm, interest and public amenities to our community. What are good and not so good examples of that today?
  • Can the community affect the lovability of new development, or is this a question of private property?
  • Isn’t it in everyone’s long term interest to build a lovable City?
  • What responsibility and opportunity do government, developers, and consumers of new buildings have on creating a great city we love?

Through the Allied Arts Growing Gracefully Series, we hope to inspire the current burst of wealth, growth and creativity to enhance the vibrancy and uniqueness of Seattle. We are moving beyond the unproductive false choice of “preserving Seattle in amber” or “all density is good.” We know there is a middle ground where we can grow to accommodate our children and newcomers by building a City which delights, engages and welcomes all.

Allied Arts will Host a Salon Event July 30th as a follow up to this event

We look forward to seeing you on June 25th.

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