2014 Beer & Culture Event

The Future of Seattle Parks

Many thanks to those who attended and participated in this event.  A lively discussion occurred reflecting both sides of the issue.

(Re)Envisioning How Parks May Be Funded

In May, Allied Arts hosted a compelling Beer & Culture focusing on The Future of Seattle Parks. A significant amount of discussion has occurred over the years regarding funding mechanisms — including the potential establishment of a Seattle Parks District. The Parks Legacy Advisory Committee recently submitted their recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on a Parks Funding Ballot Measure that was headed to the public for a vote in August. Discussion also includes funding for the Central Waterfront Park Project.  This discussion ultimately led to Allied Arts’ endorsement of Seattle Proposition 1.

Topics Included:

  • What is the purpose of Seattle’s Parks?
  • Funding Options Considered
  • How a Parks District may be established
  • Oversight

Panel Members:

  • Ken Bounds, Former Seattle Parks Superintendent
  • Don Harper, Our Parks Forever


Allied Arts Beer and Culture Nights

Allied Arts was founded in 1954 under the name of “The Beer and Culture Society.” As we celebrate our 60th Anniversary in 2014, we still like that name so we’re honoring it with our “Beer and Culture Nights.”

By convening groups of smart, energetic and public-spirited community members in an informal setting and by providing snack food, beer and a hot topic, we hope to inspire free-ranging and uninhibited discussion that will be enormously fun and can lead to civic action.

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